erilyn the evil enabler (erilyn) wrote in sinpozium,
erilyn the evil enabler

Sinpozium survey

Before we all meet (or meet again) in June, it'd be great if we could get to know each other a bit better. It really helps a lot for planning purposes, in terms of knowing popular fandoms and what people are familiar with etc. Feel free to skip points that aren't applicable or anything you don't want to answer, of course.

2011 survey and 2012 survey if you want to check your previous answers :)

Please reply in the comments to this post.

Preferred name/handle: what do you want people to call you?

Alternate usernames: if you have multiple journals/pseuds/handles

Location: Feel free to skip this or be vague, as you prefer.

Current main fandom(s): what fandom(s) are you actively involved in? Whether you determine that by what you're reading more fic in, what are you watching/playing/reading, or what are you most attached to currently?

Other signficant fandom(s): what are your past fandoms (whether you've broken up with them, drifted away, or just not spending as much time on) or otherwise significant fandoms for you?

What was your first fandom?: How did you get sucked into this crazy world?

Fanworks/fan activities: do you read, write, create art, vid, watch vids, podfic, listen to podfic, do recs, volunteer in fannish organisations, participate in meta/analysis discussions, moderate communities, role-play or anything else?

Tell us stuff about yourself: Anything!

Optional pre-coded headings for your reply:

[With gratitude to get__together, as we're still riffing off their survey idea]
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