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Sinpozium 2017 - call for volunteers/suggestions/content

It's less than 12 weeks until Sinpozium 2017, which means its time to talk about what we're gonna do! We need people to lead discussions, pimp fandoms, and suggest what do you want to happen at Sinpozium :) To jog memories, here's the 2015 and 2014 draft timetables.

++ Doesn't have to be tv shows/movies, all types of source material welcome. While we prioritise slashy/queer fandoms, other fandoms/source materials that Are Relevant To Our Collective Interests have also been included. If you're not sure if it fits, please ask in comments or via email!

++ Fandom pimps will probably be limited to a maximum of half an hour (if you want to do less, that's fine, and they don’t need to be fancy). We strongly recommend keeping video portions of pimps (if you wish to include them) to only about 15-20 minutes - this should be enough to give a feel for the fandom, anything longer and interest can really start to lag (always leave 'em wanting more!). If you can get someone else to look over a presentation, a second pair of eyes really helps, particularly if you’re having problems trimming it.

But we can't emphasis enough - you don't need to be a video editing expert to do this and you don't have to do a long presentation - you can take 5-10 min to tell us why Fandom X rocks, and show us 1 clip if you want (or do a slideshow, or whatever suits the source material). Your love for your fandom is the important thing, and if you need help with technical side making some clips or something, just holler!

++ Presentations/videos/slideshows will be shown via a laptop hooked up to a data projector, so will need to be brought on disc/USB stick/external hard drive (we don't want to be switching laptops around if we can avoid it). A variety of file formats will be acceptable (but if it can be played by VLC, that's a good indication it will be ok).

++ Suggestions for games are welcome, but from experience, they need to be simple and interactive. Participation is strongly encouraged but not mandatory in slash pictionary, but no one is excused on the grounds they can't draw (that's the point).

++ New or old, it doesn't matter - some of the most interesting fandom pimps we've seen at past Sinpoziums were for shows from before we were born, take us down nostalgia lane from 10 years ago, or introduce us to the hot new thing.

++ Discussion topics that are multi-fandom are particularly good (as they're inclusive). Topics might range from serious discussions of writing or fannish trends, to which characters look the best in tight jeans. Lengths will be 20-60 minutes, depending on topics, number of suggestions and structure of final timetable.

++ Suggestions for discussions/panels are more than welcome, even if you don't feel like leading the discussion yourself. If you're having a complete mental blank, I find reading about other fannish events and cons can really get me thinking about what I'd like to participate in.

++ Vidshow - more info to come later, but there will be one co-ordinated, but you're of course free to use vids during fandom pimps etc, and if there's some vids you are passionate about showing, let us know!

So let us know what you want to do (or would like to see happen) this year at Sinpozium, and if you have any questions you'd prefer to ask privately, please hit us up at sinpozium(@)gmailDOTcom. We also have a dedicated channel in slack for discussion if you'd like to brainstorm!

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